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We are a family in Knoxville, TN We show, we lure course, CWA straight race, and have run the oval track, but mostly, we are just an average family with dogs who hang with us

Tanis’s Jr’s weekend in Knoxville

November 4th, 2009

What a great show it was! No, Tanis did not come home with any wins. Many good lessons were learned and I really believe that you learn more from your losses than you wins. She did great and we all had a wonderful time.

Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2009

Hope you all have a great one and get lots of candy. I tortured the kids and dogs all as a group and wanted to share their photos with everyone :)

McGuire takes a first place, Cinny second

October 6th, 2009

His first time out ASFA coursing. The boy has power, speed and can be breathtaking to watch. The course on Sunday in Powell, was one of the most challenging I have seen. Up long steep hills, fasts runs down hill, long straights, tight turns and well, it tested the dogs!! McGuire’s second run was beautiful! We were very impressed with that run. BOB/BIF/BIE went to the very deserving Amy

Cinnamon with her wonderful follow and heart came in second. If that girl had some speed, well, I guess she would have finished years ago :) Maybe someday! We are very proud of her, at almost 7 she doesn’t show her age and she is even more focused than she was as a 2 year old. Pretty good for a girl who didn’t see a lure until she was 2!

It was a great weekend coursing with gorgeous weather and great people. Who could ask for more??

Dot finishes her AKC Field Championship!

September 14th, 2009

Dot won her second major on Sunday the 13th, under Heather Minnich, completing her AKC Dual Championship! Go Dot Go!


September 5th, 2009

All three dogs are gearing up to go running in Chattanooga!  McGuire will be getting his JC and is *ready to run*.  Watch this boy as he is going to ROCK on the field!  Dottie is in search of that last major for her DC, cross your fingers we can get it one day this coming weekend!  That sure would be nice.  She is pretty out of shape, so, I have no unreal expectations.   Cinnamon, well Cinny is a good girl and loves to run :)

Family fun and running…

July 27th, 2009

We loaded the entire family up and went to Les and Shirri’s GANG park Sunday and had a wonderful day. McGuire and Cinnamon ran the lure on a very challenging course multiple times. Cinnamon, Dot and McGuire all three got to box practice. They were so funny! My dogs bring the Jack-a-Lure back to the box. McGuire and Dot share it!

It was a wonderful, hot, family day. Lots of great people and a wonderful lunch. Its always worth the trip to Calhoun!

McGuire is now CH Wilhaus Aperture Frank McGuire!

July 18th, 2009

That makes 2 of our whippets finished recently by Grahm Swayze! Larry is thrilled now that he has the green light to run his dog all he wants! Watch for him on the coursing field as he is mad for the lure! Happy Birthday to his breeder Kitty Williams as this is the second to finish from the Bowie X Princess litter!

McGuire is closing in on his CH and Dot has turned Jr’s dog :)

June 2nd, 2009

Tanis did wonderfully in her first Jr’s class. She made it to best Jr’s class and the judge was completely tickled with her. There was a serious case of nerves, but, Dot helped her through.

Also, McGuire won WD/BOW at the MAHA hound show and also WD/BOW at the Harriman show. He just lacks a 3 point major so cross your fingers for Asheville!!

Of course I have photos to share, like always and an animoto video of a great weekend playing at Robins house.

More news!

May 11th, 2009

McGuire was winners dog Saturday at the MAHA hound show with Grahm Swayze handling him. He was reserve on Sunday. We are very proud of him and how well he is showing after being off for 9 months. We have received a lot of compliments about him which is wonderful! I will add photos when I receive them.

Tanis and Dottie are entered in Harriman for their first Junior show. Tanis is very excited and can’t wait to show off Dot. I do have photos of the two of them. This dress was so adorable and worked so well, with its polka dots, with Dot :)

CH Equiss Coconut Cream Pie SC FCh…..

April 3rd, 2009

One last show it is!! Dot is now an AKC conformation champion! Thanks so much to Grahm Swayze and Jan Swayze Curry. Grahm has done such a wonderful job presenting Dottie. I couldn’t be more pleased. Super special Dot really is that!!


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