Fall updates on shows, puppies and lure coursing….

Puppies are thriving in their new homes, some have started showing, last years dogs are doing great. Lizzie finished her GCH and is enjoyed her beach life, Opie almost has his GCH and enjoying agility, Kinky won another two points in the ring and now has both majors toward her AKC FC. Pearlie competed in the 4-6 baby class and won 2 puppy hound group 1’s and one group 2. Opal is now living the life up in CT and loving being a northeastern girl. Rachel is showing great promise running and also dock diving. Roulette has started his therapy dog work like a little prodigy. Kermit has started some obedience stuff and doing great. Lyric has started her show training and being a wonderful, wild girl at home. Dory came out to the race meet and did some practice runs and will be showing very soon. Tiana, Henry and Maggi are also in here. Henry runs the household fun at Susan’s house. He makes sure to entertain the grandkids whenever they are there. Maggi has started showing and has done very well in the baby classes. Tiana will make her debut at the Southern. I have also put Minx’s puppies that Lori kept in here, as they are part of the family and so beautiful. I will be watching their journey closely!

Chroma had an FCE event this summer and with wonderful care, she has recovered to about 80%. Well enough she is enjoying life and running in the yard.

Also pictured are Sammy, Seymour, Sammy with Tanner doing a QC run, and many others. It has been a busy spring and summer!!!