Whippet Breeders in US & Canada

PLEASE NOTE: This list is by no means complete, and only those who have specifically requested to be added are listed here.This list is provided as a service and does not constitute an official endorsement of any breeder on this list. All buyers should research and get references for the breeder of their choice, and not rely on location as the sole decision maker. The selection of a breeder is an important decision. We encourage any prospective Whippet owner to become familiar with our breed, the breed standard, possible hereditary defects that may occur in both puppies and adults, and to have fully read and understood all of the breed information on the American Whippet Club & National Whippet Club of Canada’s websites.


If you are seeking a breeder in the US, please note that the American Whippet Club website has a listing of member breeders by state. American Whippet Club www.americanwhippetclub.netAlabama

  • Christeva Whippets www.christeva.com Steve and Christine Heath Gaylesville, AL Interests: Conformation
  • Wildbriar Whippets Carol Zienert Montgomery, AB 334-324-9786 czienert@gmail.com Interests: Conformation



  • Arwen Whippets Lisande Donohoe Anthem, AZ 907-350-4114 Interests: Conformation, Coursing & Dock Diving.
  • Festiva Whippets www.festivawhippets.com Kelly Riney Ft Mohave, AZ & Katie Rudolph Wake Forest, NC Interests: Show and lure coursing, obedience, rally and agility
  • Jilzan Whippets www.jilzan.com Jill Baum Tempe, AZ Interests: Conformation, lure coursing, obedience/rally.
  • Kokopelli Whippets www.thebeadedwhippet.com Deb Martino on FB Chandler, AZ 928-301-5011 kokowhip@cox.net Interests: conformation, coursing, & cuddling!
  • North Star Whippets Barbara Barnes whippets@theriver.com Tucson AZ 520-326-2170
  • Regalia Whippets Rhonda Gifford (Rhonda Williams Gifford on FB) San Tan Valley, AZ Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing



  • Kimera Whippets Erin Campbell Northern California Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, and Bed Hogging.
  • The Milescross Whippets milescrosswhippets.com Guin Borstel San Francisco, CA Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing, Power Napping
  • Scott Mazer Los Angeles, CA scott.mazer@gmail.com Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing
  • Summit Whippets www.summitwhippets.com Sue Vernon Fall Brook, CA Interests: Conformation and Lure coursing
  • Taliesin Whippets Libby de Mille Browns Valley, CA Interests: Conformation and lure coursing
  • TripleStar Hounds www.triplestarhounds.com Shauna Summers Los Angeles, CA
  • Windborn Whippets Lori Wilson-Paust whippies7@gmail.com Northern California
  • Wheatland Whippets Kim Otero kimotero@mac.com Orange (Southern) California Interests: Racing, lure coursing, sports, loving pets


  • Harts O’Fire Whippets Gayle Fernandez Beckhart Olney Springs, CO beckhartg12@gmail.com Interests: Lure coursing, companion, conformation.
  • Horsetooth Whippets www.horsetoothwhippets.com Jennifer Hime and Dr. Ken Shiarella, V.M.D. Loveland, CO


  • Carry-On Whippets www.carry-onwhippets.weebly.com Sharon Marquis (Conn. USA) & Jen MacNabb (Fla. USA) Interests: Conformation and lure coursing.
  • Domino Whippets www.dominowhippets.com Donna Miner Coventry, CT Interests: Racing, Lure Coursing, Conformation, Barn Hunt, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Flyball, and Therapy



  • Carry-On Whippets www.carry-onwhippets.weebly.com Jen MacNabb (Fla. USA) & Sharon Marquis (Conn. USA) Interests: Conformation and lure coursing.
  • Deco Whippets http://decowhippet.com Rachel Rehberg Lake City, FL decowhippets@gmail.com Interests: Conformation and Lure coursing
  • Hound Hollow Whippets Robin Barry North Central Florida mbarry0318@gmail.com Interests: “Performance Art” Whippets for all reasons!
  • Karasar Whippets www.karasarwhippets.net Kerrie Kuper St Petersburg, FL Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, CWA racing.
  • Wellesley Whippets Denise Smith Beverley Hills, FL 352-566-8230 wahoowhippets@msn.com Interests: Conformation/Lure Coursing/Companions


  • Alerek whippets Mark Steverson Atlanta GA alerekwhippets@yahoo.com Interests: Conformation, companion
  • Chabeau Whippets Andrea Kea & Trish Dews Clermont, GA 770-530-2587 whptgud@yahoo.com Interests: conformation, competition and companionship.
  • Cherche Whippets www.cherchewhippets.com Chris Durance-Watkins Hull, GA Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing
  • Pinnacle Whippets www.sugarvalleyfarms.com Justin Smithey GA justin@sugarvalleyfarms.com
  • RyLand Kennels www.rylandkennels.com Atlanta, GA (404) 403-6351 angella.martin@att.net Interests: conformation, companions, and performance whippets.
  • Skyline Whippets www.skylinewhippets.org Jennifer Kempey Cornelia, GA Interests: Conformation
  • Yashanti Kennels www.yashanti.com Beth Blough Jasper, GA Interests: Conformation




Isen Whippets www.isenwhippets.com Karla Dean Sorento, Illinois Interests: Conformation and Lure coursing

Kamada Whippets Kathy & Debbie Davenport DeKalb, IL kamadak92@aol.com Interests: Conformation

Longrun Whippets www.longrunwhippets.com/whippets Sally & Bill Long (fb: Sally J Long) Dow, IL. Interests: Conformation, racing, lure-coursing, couch-cuddling, or whatever!

Mason Hill Whippets www.masonhillwhippets.com Bobbi and Stephanie Mason Dycha Chicago, IL Interests: Conformation

Plumcreek Whippets www.plumcreekwhippets.com Linda Larson Rochelle, IL 815-384-5031 (Best way to contact) plumcreekwhippets@gmail.com Interests: Conformation

Wylie Whippets

Deb Borton


whippetlover04@gmail.com Interests: Racing, conformation, dock diving, agility, obedience, companions


  • Glynchelyn Whippets Nicole Lodl Muncie, IN 765-729-4180
  • SaeSi Whippets http://1stchoice.us/saesi Mary Magee Indianapolis, IN 317-450-1586 saesiwhippets@yahoo.com Interests: Racing, Conformation, lure coursing, flyball, disc dog, agility, rally, obedience, service, therapy, companion
  • WildAbout Whippets www.wildaboutwhippets.com Annie Kelsey Carmel, IN annie@wildaboutwhippets.com Interests: performance whippets (racing, lure coursing dock diving, flyball, etc…)
  • Willabe Whippets
    Dick and Jean Schroeder
    Wanatah, Indiana
    Interests: lure coursing, conformation, dock diving and barn hunt



  • Aladdin Whippets www.aladdin1.com Diana Farthing Topeka, KS Interests: Conformation
  • Harmony whippets Kathy Rasmussen Olathe KS Harmonywhippets@aol.com



  • Ruswynn Whippets ruswynn@att.net Pam Davis Arcadia, LA. Interests: Conformation and beautiful pet quality.




  • Hamrya Whippets www.hamryawhippets.com Donna Lynch Westport, MA Interests: Conformation and Lure Coursing
  • Merci Isle Whippets www.merciisle.com Iva Kimmelman Stow, MA Interests: Conformation and Lure Coursing
  • Shamasan Whippets Phoebe Booth 171 Otis Stage Road Blandford, MA 01008 203-240-9348 or 413-316-0926 shamasan@aol.com
  • Shirley Cooney & Jane Cooney Waterhouse Douglas MA 508-476-7558 & Cincinnati OH caldantess@aol.com Interest: pet, obedience, conformation
  • Strictly Whippets Wendy Bynack Strickland Otis, MA strictlywhips@gmail.com Interests: race dogs


  • Alacere Whippets Bert van Hoek & Megan Miller Grand Rapids, MI Pewamo, MI docbvh@hotmail.com meganmiller7788@gmail.com Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing
  • Crosswind Whippets Kathy Kennedy Wixom, MI acrosswind@aol.com Interests: racing, lure coursing, flyball, agility and tracking.
  • Free Wynd Whippets Debbie Syrja Grass Lake, MI freewynd2@yahoo.com Interests: Coursing, conformation, companion
  • Haven Whippets Kathy Tucker South Haven, Michigan jaydee325@yahoo.com
  • Rothschild Whippets www.rothschildwhippets.com Lisa Fontaine whippets@wowway.com Eaton Rapids, MI 517-204-4686 Interests: Breeding, Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing, Obedience, Rally, Dock Diving, Disc Dog, Barn Hunt
  • Shojin Whippets www.shojinwhippets.com Dee and Ron Vayda Hudson, MI deevayda@gmail.com Interests: Conformation, Rally/obedience, lure coursing
  • Woods Runner Whippets Barbara Timm Davison, MI starbrowser@chartermi.net Interests: Conformation, Lure coursing, Rally


  • Affinity Whippets www.affinitywhippets.com Cassie and Lexie Rogers Twin cities, MN crogers@cadan.com Interests: Confirmation, coursing, performance, etc.
  • Northwind Whippets www.northwindcatalog.com Kay Nierengarten Saginaw, MN 218-729-8003 kay@northwindcatalog.com


  • Besame Whippets www.besamewhippets.com Sat Ananda Hayden Hattiesburg MS besamewhippets@gmail.com Interests: companions, conformation, performance.


  • Laurel Whippets www.facebook.com/groups/192316044158096/ sites.google.com/site/laurelhounds Maureen McCreery & Carolyn Dean St. Louis, MO Interests: Conformation
  • Tru-Luv Whippets Libby Rice Kansas City, MO Interests: Performance, Conformation, and Couch Potatoes
  • Windrift Whippets Kourtney and Brenda Murray Urbana, MO 417 733 3438 Kourtneymurray13@yahoo.com Interests: Companion, conformation, performance
  • Winquest Hounds Lennah Snell La Monte, MO photosbylennah@gmail.com



  • Hounds of O’Neill Trisha Borland Omaha, NE hounds.oneill@gmail.com Interests: Companion, Performance, Conformation.


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • Windwalker Whippets Mike and Amy Downey Mountainair, NM 317 286 8110 wind.walker.too@gmail.com Interests: Performance, racing, lure coursing, flyball, agility.

New YorkNorth Carolina

  • Ableaim Kennels www.ableaimkennels.com Gail and Jenny Boyd Apex, NC Interests: Conformation and Lure Coursing
  • Cali Whippets www.caliwhippets.com Deana McNamer Apex, NC Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, CWA racing, loving pet homes
  • Festiva Whippets www.festivawhippets.com Katie Rudolph Wake Forest, NC & Kelly Riney Ft Mohave, AZ Interests: Show and Lure coursing
  • Free Flite Whippets
    www.freeflitewhippets.com Donna Bost Denver, NC Interests: Show, CWA, Lure Coursing, Dock diving
  • Primrose Whippets www.primrosewhippets.com Vanessa Straehle Efland, NC (Contact information available through website) Interests: racing, agility and sports of all sorts!
  • Sovereign Whippets & Gothic Smooth Fox Terriers www.sowaglawhippets.com Yvonne Sovereign Sanford, NC Interests: Conformation, companions or whatever you want to do with your whippet!!
  • WesAnn Whippets www.wesannswhippets.com Michelle Jenkins Kings Mountain NC 704-418-0799 wllwtrpp@aol.com
    Interests: conformation and lure coursing
  • Wildbriar Whippets Ryan Zienert Raleigh, NC 334-868-0703 zienertr@aol.com Interests: Conformation

North Dakota


  • Hollowell Whippets www.hollowellwhippets.com Diane Larratta Elida, OH Interests: Conformation
  • Jaama Reg Whippets www.jaamawhippets.com Mary E Alderman Toledo, OH 419-356-3583
  • Kamaay Whippets www.facebook.com/KamaayKennel Laureena Teets Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Interests: Conformation
  • Mohr Whippets www.mohrwhippets.com Debby & Shane Moore Xenia OH Interests: conformation
  • Woodbe Whippets Julie Weir Cleveland, OH Interests: Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Racing and Coursing
  • Whirlwind Whippets Debbie L Miller Lancaster, OH debmiller32@gmail.com Interests: Conformation, companions
  • Woodsia Whippets www.woodsiawhippets.net Sue Rosenbeck Centersburg, OH Cell: 740-360-6130 sue.rosenbeck@gmail.com
  • Jane Cooney Waterhouse & Shirley Cooney Cincinnati OH & Douglas MA 508-476-7558 caldantess@aol.com Interest: pet, obedience, conformation


  • Krisdan Whippets Kristal Beyl Couch Vinita, OK 918-373-2519 kcouch76@gmail.com Interests: conformation, lure coursing, CWA racing, obedience, and therapy work
  • Liberty Whippets www.LibertyWhippets.com Mike and Donna Bennett Sand Springs, OK Donna@LibertyAkitas.com 918-671-7133 (text first) Interests: Straight racing, Lure Coursing, Agility, Obedience and Conformation, Dock Diving



Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Caroline Cope www.carolinewellscope.com/akc-champion-whippets/ Charleston, SC 727-272-7217 sitstaysketch@gmail.com Interests: conformation, coursing, racing, obedience
  • Sighthounds of Kenmar www.kemar-k9s.com Ken and Margaret Norkett Greenville, SC Interests: Conformation
  • Shannon Down Whippets www.shannondownwhippets.com Shannon Lyons Richburg, SC Interests: Racing, Lure Coursing, Conformation
  • Timbreblue Whippets www.Timbreblue.com Sharyn Hutchens & Johannah Hutchens Gage Camden, SC & Lexington, VA Interests: Showing, coursing, obedience/rally, therapy, racing.

South Dakota


  • Atelier Whippets Kim Shipley Harwood Memphis TN 901-229-3665 Interests: Conformation, Rally, Agility, Obedience, and Lure Coursing
  • Aperture Whippets www.aperturewhippets.com Julie Poole Knoxville, TN Interests: Lure Coursing, CWA and Conformation
  • Devereux Whippets www.devereuxwhippets.com Cecil Brown & Robin H. Brown & Angie Grace Murfreesboro, TN Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, CWA Racing, Agility & Obedience.
  • Equiss Whippets www.equisswhippets.com Cathy Williams Lenoir City, TN Interests: Lure coursing and Conformation; AKC Breeder of Merit
  • Raybar Whippets www.facebook.com/groups/Raybar Cindy Parsons Hatcher Crossville, TN Interests: Conformation, CWA Racing
  • Sugarrun Whippets www.facebook.com/SugarrunWhippets Dave and Erica Cowles New Market, TN Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, and CWA Racing


  • Epiphany Whippets www.epiphanywhippets.com Jenni Knutson Longview, TX Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing, Therapy
  • LoneStar Whippets www.lonestarwhippets.com Lisa Martin TX 281 851 3145 lmartin676@yahoo.com Interests: show, companion, and coursing puppies
  • Pecan Grove Akitas and Whippets www.pecangroveshowdogs.com Alvin, TX 832-621-7517 lawrence@pecangrovesolutions.com Interests: Conformation, Lure Coursing, Straight Racing, Rally, Agility
  • Silhouette Whippets www.silhouettewhippets.com Shawn Cooper Longview, TX Interests: Conformation
  • Whisperrun Whippets http://whisperun.com Ruby Davis
    whisperun@aol.com Troup, TX (903) 714-3861 Interests: Conformation





  • Brystal Whippets www.facebook.com/darcy.shurin Darcy Shurin Kirkland, WA 425-820-6563 Interests: showing, lure coursing, Cwa racing
  • Jammin’ Whippets www.jamminwhippets.com Laurel & Don Behnke Olympia, Washington jamminwhippets@comcast.net Interests: Oval Racing, straight rescuing, lure coursing, agility, barn hunt, water races, obedience, conformation, dock diving, health and great temperaments.
  • Mckaden Whippets www.mckadenwhippets.com Shawna McKay & Stephanie Honey-Gillespie Pacific Northwest (WA, BC) Interests: Conformation, companion or performance.
  • Storybrooke Whippets www.storybrookewhippets.com Brooke Brown Lakebay, WA Interests: Conformation
  • Treadway Whippets Jeanette Dorsey PO Box 143 Monroe WA 98272 treadwaywhippets@yahoo.com Interests: Conformation, companion, performance

West Virginia

  • Templar Whippets Paula Knight Wheeling, WV Interests: Conformation
  • Windsong Whippets www.windsongwhippets.com Carol Wright Sinks Grove, WV Interests: Conformation


  • Aeolus Whippets Kevin and Dawn Carlson Racine, WI whippet@wi.rr.com Interests: conformation, lure coursing
  • Everlong Whippets www.everlongwhippets.com Breanna Santy Oconto Falls, WI 920-680-0167 Interests: Conformation



If you are seeking a breeder in Canada, please note that the National Whippet Club of Canada website has a listing of member breeders by province. National Whippet Club of Canada www.whippetcanada.comAlberta

  • Dreamwindz Whippets www.dreamwindz.com Claudine Paton-Hamilton Delburne, AB dreamwindz4@gmail.com Interests: Conformation, coursing/ racing, performance
  • Ethos Whippets www.ethoswhippets.com Karen LeJeune Red Deer, Alberta ethoswhippets@gmail.com Interests: Conformation

British Columbia

  • Mckaden Whippets www.mckadenwhippets.com Shawna McKay & Stephanie Honey-Gillespie Pacific Northwest (WA, BC) Interests: Conformation, companion or performance.


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward IslandQuebecSaskatchewanYukon Territory