CH Wilhaus Aperture Frank McGuire SC

McGuire is the beautiful boy from Kitty Williams Wilhaus Whippets He is Larry’s special dog.  McGuire loved to race in any form, whether it was lure coursing or straights. He was a fierce competitor. Unfortunately he had an injury early on that we could never find exactly what it was. We allow him to run occasionally because he enjoys it so much.  He certainly has all the heart and had all the speed. He still enjoys keeping the yard safe from the neighbor dogs 😉 and holding down the cozy cave beds.
{BAER/CERF tested clear Neutered}


Pedigree of Wilhaus Aperture Frank McGuire

Wilhaus Aperture Frank McGuire

Snow Hill Indecent Proposal

Chelsea Long Kiss Goodnight

Chelsea Gold Rush of Keynote

Chelsea Calibri

Summit N Snow Hill Shared Gold

Summit Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Summit Heavenly

Wilhaus Jazz Renaissance

Sporting Fields Jazz Fest

Topaz Jazz Singer

Sporting Fields Simplicity

Appraxin Wilhaus Renaissance

Mahtrow’s Just In Time

Appraxin Dame Edna

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