Our loss of McGuire has been a very heartbreaking one. He was the head of the household, protector of the girls and the very best puppy babysitter. We lost him at age 9 due to spinal issues. Way too soon.  6/22/2007 – 9/14/2016

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We have been very lucky to lose dogs to general old age at 14, 15 years old. They were not whippets, but, dear to our heart nonetheless. Rio was a lab x pit mix who probably saved my life more than once. She was truly the smartest dog I have ever been around. You could talk to her and she could understand.  Not bad for a junkyard dog.  She was Larry’s favorite dog of all time. Just a very special one. She died at 15 years old at home.  1994-2005

















Rufus was the sweetest blue eyed husky mutt.  Rufus bonded with Taylor in a very special way. That was his dog and his dog alone. Rufus loved helping babysit whippet puppies. He was gentle and soft and allowed the puppies to crawl all over him. He was just a good good dog. 1997-2006