DC Equiss Coconut Cream Pie MC FCh BCAT

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Dottie is my favorite whippet in the house!. She is the smartest whippet I have in this home. She never stops making me laugh. She is an animated girl in the ring, and loves to show. Grahm has said she shows like a doberman(when I am not around) She was Tanis’s Jr dog and they made a wonderful pair 🙂

Dot earned her ASFA FCh which she earned in two consecutive weekends at 12m old! With limited showing she finished her AKC conformation championship spring of 2009 and she finished her AKC FC last September to make her an AKC DC!!!  She was one of 13 in 2009 to earn this title. A great enough honor that she and the others were given a tribute page on Ewhippetzine “2009 Dual Champions”

“Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.  Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.   But performance indicates what the animal actually is.” Anonymous

{CHIC# 102834 BAER normal WP-BR628/48F-VPI/Cardiac echo normal WP-CA854/53F/C-VPI-ECHO Thyroid tested 2011 normal Spayed}


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