Great weekend at Clemson

The dogs and I loaded up and went to Clemson. We stayed with Kitty of Wilhaus Whippets who is McGuire’s breeder. McGuire got to have a reunion with a couple of his siblings and his mom. I think he was very glad to see all of them.

Dot was RWB each day and showed very well with Jan Swayze Curry handling her. She is looking very beautiful and moves like a dream. McGuire was WD/BOS on Saturday and RWD on Sunday. Jan also handled him beautifully. He is such a happy goof ball. He is turning out to be a gorgeous dog with a personality to die for. He thinks every passerby is there to see him and greets them accordingly. He loves his people and his kids(and any other people and kids! :D)

I don’t have any show photos, so, I will show some I took recently in the studio. I was using a wide angle lens so their faces are a little bigger in these than they are in reality. I still like them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Great weekend at Clemson

  1. The mostly brindle dog in the 1st picture (also on your website front page) looks exactly like our mutt Lacy. We have always thought she was 1/2 greyhound, but she’s not quite tall enough. After seeing these photos – which are WONDERFUL!!! – I wish I knew for sure what she is! I have a photo of Lacy on my blog here:
    I’d love to hear what you think about her!

  2. Lacy does look like McGuire! Maybe she is a whippet vs a greyhound mix. Who knows!

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