Box practice and cookout!

I am very late in added these photos! Life tends to get in the way and all. We were able to go a few weeks ago to Les Perkarksi’s for box practice and a cookout. Now, it was one of the most gourmet cookouts and delicious picnics I have ever had! Les and Shirri are such wonderful and gracious hosts!

Dot broke out of the box like a champ, but, she has done it before. As always, she stayed right on the lure. She has prey drive and that desire to be first that is just amazing

I have to give big thanks to Neil Copeland for taking all these photos. I really appreciate it!!!

McGuire was a GOOD boy and broke out of the box for the first time like it was nothing. He beat the lure to the end. Both Dot and McGuire brought the Jack-a-lure back to us and made it so we didn’t have to restring. What good dogs!!

Isn’t he handsome?

Running for his certification


Cinnamon is great at breaking out of the box!

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