Dottie is closing in on her Championships


Not there yet, but, getting closer each show. She has both her majors and only lacks 3 singles. We can cross our fingers she can pick those up by the close of the year. She needs one major on the field to get her AKC FC. She already has her ASFA FCh. Wouldn’t that be sweet to be a dual champion by 2009?

Cinnamon is still running for her MC title and loves every minute of it.

McGuire is on rest right now for an unknown injury. We are thinking it is in the hip area possibly, or maybe a groin muscle pull. 3 separate vets agree they do not feel it is an ACL. Whatever it is, is making me(and him) bonkers. Too nice of a dog to be relegated to jail time rest.

Here are some photos of the crew.

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