McGuire takes a first place, Cinny second

His first time out ASFA coursing. The boy has power, speed and can be breathtaking to watch. The course on Sunday in Powell, was one of the most challenging I have seen. Up long steep hills, fasts runs down hill, long straights, tight turns and well, it tested the dogs!! McGuire’s second run was beautiful! We were very impressed with that run. BOB/BIF/BIE went to the very deserving Amy

Cinnamon with her wonderful follow and heart came in second. If that girl had some speed, well, I guess she would have finished years ago 🙂 Maybe someday! We are very proud of her, at almost 7 she doesn’t show her age and she is even more focused than she was as a 2 year old. Pretty good for a girl who didn’t see a lure until she was 2!

It was a great weekend coursing with gorgeous weather and great people. Who could ask for more??

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