4 days of AKC coursing

McGuire and Cinnamon did wonderful this hot and dry weekend. McGuire ran all 4 days and just got better each day!  He tied for 1st and ended up running off one day placing 2nd, and the other day 3rd.  Competition was fierce and I was so glad to see his focus really ramp up.   He has always been a good courser, but, he has just moved up a level!

Cinnamon placed 1st 2 days out of 3 that she coursed! These are her first, first placements ever. I sure wish I had run her as a young dog! She has the best follow and so much heart. She just isn’t fit enough to have the endurance.  She did wonderful though! Tanis got to handler her to her second win giving her Jr Handler points 🙂

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