Busy busy busy!

Summer has come and gone, and throughout we have stayed very busy with fun things. The dogs have been lure coursing, showing and even dock diving!!! Chroma is 1pt away from finishing her conformation championship and when that is done, she will get to lure course again. All of us are excited about that! Cinnamon is still being the best QC’er ever helping give young dogs great first running experiences. McGuire is feeling well enough to run in trials some also. Dot has actually been running really well, and if I would get her in shape she would probably do some winning 😀

The most exciting thing we have been doing lately is dock diving with Chroma. It all started as therapy last winter with her walking in sand and in the lake. I noticed how much she liked to get in the lake.  We tried our hand at going off docks and she loves it!!! I have never seen a dog so crazy for it or swim as fast as she does.  Pretty cool!  Of course no update is good without pictures!

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