Great Saturday in May!!!

Helga and Tanner did great on Saturday at different CWA race meets.  Helga was High Combined at the friendly meet in Knoxville and Tanner won the match at the NJ CWA meet.  How wonderful is that?  These two are so similar. I was so happy to see his win up there. What a wonderful day for my family 😀  To top it off, Minnie came in 3rd right behind her sister in the match. GREAT day for us. 


Ginger, Helga, Minnie and Brooks

Tanner in NJ racing

The Brown’s with Tanner and Cherie

Even Dot got to run! Pretty good for a 2006 model 😀  Like her mother, she is a wonderful trainer of new dogs


Mimi, Minnie and Bullseye fighting it out

Helga on the far left