6 weeks……

I can’t believe 6 weeks have flown by. Puppies are doing amazingly well with this wet TN winter. They have begun to ask to go outside and go to the bathroom.  Doesn’t mean they will be housebroken, but they are started in that direction. They are sweet, bold and so darn pretty.  They love playing on their baby agility equipment, their ball pit is a blast and their little adventure box. Aunt Minnie keeps them entertained and Helga has been a perfect mother. 

White Guy and Miller are available to perfect homes on a neuter contract and limited registration. I would love to see them do some therapy work, especially white guy. He seems to have a special way about him. Miller is incredibly sweet too with the most beautiful face.  Any sort of lure coursing, obedience or agility would also be great to do with them. They have a solid coursing pedigree behind them with lots of DC’s.  

Enjoy this weeks photos! 

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