September updates in the show ring and elsewhere!

Lots and lots going on with Helga’s litter and the rest of the crew.   Opie has been burning up the show ring with three wins at 6 months old including a major.  Lizzie won the first weekend she was out. Sammy, Seymour and Kinky have all won reserve from the 6-9 class with very limited showing. The future is extremely bright for these guys.  Not only are they showing, but swimming, starting to practice lure coursing and racing AND agility! Amazing litter! Minnie earned her Dock JR title with NADD and has had some fun jumping Dock Dogs. Minnie has also started her visits as a therapy dog with HABIT.  Kinky, Lizzie and Seymour are swimming. Have to convince Kinky going off the dock is fun, but, she does think swimming is. I see so much  potential in these puppies from Helga. Very multi purposed multi talented group!  Connor and Zeppelin are living the world’s best lives and both may have a future as therapy dogs. Carry on your mommas torch! I am proud of every single one of these guys!



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