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We are a family in Knoxville, TN We show, we lure course, CWA straight race, and have run the oval track, but mostly, we are just an average family with dogs who hang with us

Love the beautiful babies!

September 24th, 2014

The Taylor X Chroma litter has done nothing less than make me proud at every turn. They are sweet, they are outgoing, they are doing well in the ring, they are now coursing. I don’t think you can ask much more than that. Credit does belong to the wonderful owners all these guys got also! You can have the most amazing dog in the universe, but, if they are not put in the public eye, no one will ever know. I am so thankful for every single family that has these puppies. Even if the only thing they ever do is being an incredible family member(which, is the pinnacle of a dogs life anyhow!)

Helga has her first two points from the bred by class handled by none other than me! First show out and she was perfect. I cannot be more proud of her and even a little proud of myself.

Tanner earned his QC in grand style the weekend of the 20th and will be competing the weekend of the 27th. I know he is going to be amazing.  Cherie may go ahead and qualify the weekend of the 27th if it is decided she is ready. She is quite a focused rocket!

Helga also has been accepted as a HABIT therapy dog and will be visiting children at East TN Children’s Hospital. With her love of kids, this is right up her alley. Again, she has made me proud with wonderful temperament.


I also added a photo of Heather Feather as she is just beautiful.  Just a gorgeous balanced beauty.  Thank you to Rhonda Gold and Hanmin Lee for their photos of them both!!!




Tanner QC’ing





Tanner’s finishing photo







Cherie practice run





Heather Feather just being beautiful10687534_773142179395120_6391963354768485395_o

New Champion!

August 27th, 2014

Tanner is now “CH Aperture Longlesson Go Up The Plumcreek”!  He is the first champion from the litter with very little showing. He finished with three majors, the last being a 5pt!  He is an amazing mover and incredibly sound dog. Not to mention very sweet. He will be hitting the field very soon and hopefully be our next generation of Dual Champions.

photo 5 photo 36

Another exciting day was getting to show Helga at the Harriman UKC show. She won best female, Best of Breed and a group 2! Yay Helga! She also was given many compliments by the judge, makes it all worthwhile!

_AUG9353 10454338_10203718544576765_5141263204534723466_n 800-_S223328

And now for something totally different….

June 23rd, 2014

Dock diving!!!!! Chroma jumped in her first competition this past weekend and with Larry handling her, got a first in novice!! Go super Chromes!!!  Yes, she is one cool dog!




APR_1138 APR_1143 APR_1161 APR_1133

2014 American Whippet Club National

May 14th, 2014

We had a wonderful showing at the National this year! Its the first time I have brought more than one dog :)  Please see our Facebook page for more photos and videos!

Chroma placed 2nd in a beautiful lure coursing bitch class. I am very proud of her and she did so well even with myself handling her!



Tanner was 2nd in his 8-10 futurity class and made the cut in the 9-12 class

10155635_704851752890830_6306453977851122133_n (1)


Godiva also came in 2nd in her 8-10 futurity class

1509321_704851436224195_7787694622088044847_n (1)

Heather Feather did not make the futurity, but, she did come in 4th in a VERY competitive 9-12 class



Helga went into her class, but, I pulled her out after the first go round due to being sore. She still looked beautiful!



Cherie didn’t show, but, she was there to greet anyone who would talk to her. She also really really remembered me :)  (This is Cherie and Tanner together) They are still cute even all googly eyed from the flash!



Puppy update

February 23rd, 2014

I thought I would put a post about what is going on. The puppies are now 8 months old and just beautiful. We are looking forward to the whippet national specialty late April.  The puppies in loving pet homes are just loving living life :) These photos are of varying ages, but, at least 6 months old.

Tanner, Aperture Longlesson Go up the Plumcreek is AKC pointed in the show ring. He was WD at his very first show at 6m and was RWD to a 4pt major at his next show. He also was Best in Sweeps at the Franklin, TN show. Just like his mother was 3 years ago.  Very excited about Tanner!  Tanner is living with his sister Cherie in PA. He will be shown and get to chase the lure. You could not ask for a sweeter boy than Tanner!





AUG_5196 AUG_5191


GoDiva, Aperture Lady Godiva is growing up beautifully! Very excited to see her at the Whippet National!

1909126_819866548028945_251846357_o (1) 1798982_819866331362300_1946094727_o (2)

Gadget, Aperture Go Go Gadget, is living life large. He has mastered taking ONLY the toilet paper tube out and leaving all the toilet paper intact. I think that is pretty impressive. He also has the hang of napping. :)

gadget 8m

1601428_10202218769524455_786429992_n 1902975_10202294531458456_1899254852_n

Cheri, Aperture Tally Ho a Go Go, is gearing up to become an incredible lure courser. She has her older “Brother and Sister” to help her along. She also will be at the national with her family, as the two older ones are going to do not only the lure coursing, but the parade of rescues. Can’t wait to see her! Photo from Christmas.Cheri in the middle!

1460209_502509089846556_239129117_n (2)

And photos of her lure coursing: (Photos by Larry Hall at the GOGLCA trial)

10003425_771809239499004_1636923952_n 1972317_771809206165674_2126995476_n

Maverick, who I don’t think has a registered name is living up the life. I think he majors in just being adorable. He is pictured with his aunt and uncle Tia and Guinness. Tia and Guinness are from Dot’s litter and siblings of Chroma.

1492130_650084275034245_92381501_o 1496425_650084301700909_1298996868_o

Gibby is going to join Trey in Atlanta next weekend and live with a whippet brother and sister. He will have a wonderful life of leisure!

AUG_5492 AUG_5507 AUG_5484

Heather Feather, Aperture Plumcreek Always Go Forth, is hopefully going to be able to make it to the Whippet National. She  is living in the great white north called northern IL. She is turning out beautiful and can’t wait to see her! Pictured at 6m


Helga, Aperture Go Big or Go Home, is looking wonderful. Beautiful curves and arching neck. Picture of elegance. Can’t wait to get her in the ring when she is ready! Pictured at 6m(yes, I have no excuses on photos not being up to date!) Helga is staying here :)




And last but not least. Belle, Aperture Go Go Boots. Cutest puppy on earth. A face that could melt sugar. She is living with a wonderful family here in Knoxville who love her very much!

AUG_4612 AUG_4743

CWA Racing….

October 15th, 2013

AUG_3710Chroma got to make her debut on the straight track. The rest of the gang has been running CWA for a few years, Chroma finally got her turn! She learned to break out of the box, we found out that if she is boxed late, she is a real pain to get in :D  She truly loved it!  Helga and Iris(who is now named Godiva) got a chance to practice chasing the lure also!  Cherie in her new home has gotten to go to multiple lure coursing trials and has really enjoyed chasing the baggie. Gadget is growing up amazingly beautiful and having the time of his life in FL. Maverick is the king of the world in GA. Helga and Belle are still here, growing up and maturing beautifully(one may be available) Tanner, Heather and Gibby are in IL also growing up nicely(one male may be available)  Very proud of Chroma mom, her quick return back to running (and a 4th in conformation!) and how beautiful the puppies are maturing



AUG_3689 AUG_3684 AUG_3685 AUG_3683_1 AUG_3672 AUG_3670 AUG_3661 AUG_3648 AUG_3650 AUG_3644 AUG_3628 AUG_3626 AUG_3617 AUG_3622 AUG_3608 AUG_3600 AUG_3596 AUG_3499 AUG_3552 AUG_3558 AUG_3564 AUG_3565 AUG_3579 AUG_3584 AUG_3593 AUG_3589

6 weeks old!

August 5th, 2013

The puppies are growing, happy, outgoing babies. They are ALL extremely keen on the lure, which I love to see!!



9 puppies born!

June 25th, 2013

5 girls and 4 boys born on June 23rd, all doing well!


Let’s go RACING!!!

June 9th, 2013

Dottie was the only one lucky enough to get to go to the CWA meet. For a 6.5 year old girl, who’s favorite past time is being curled up on the couch or eating :D  She still knows how to break out of the box and can be a fierce competitor. Go Dot!!


Pregnancy confirmed!

May 20th, 2013

Do you want to follow along Chroma’s pregnancy? Want to follow along with puppy photos?  I will be updating the Aperture Whippets Facebook page all the time with photos and other things. That is where all the puppy photos will be placed(or the run of the mill photos)  Click on either link, “Like” the page and then click on “show in news feed” and “get notifications.

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