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Aperture whippets all started with a free whippet. You know how they say nothing in life is free? Well, I am here to tell ya it isn’t! I think “free” things end up costing you more than something you had to shell out $$$ for.

It all started when my Lab mutt was getting up there in years. I was trying to decide what direction I wanted to go with the dogs. I knew I wanted a smaller dog, one that didn’t shed much, have long hair, need much grooming and was good with kids. My first choice was a boston terrier. I love those smooshed faced dogs. Two friends talked me out of it and both said I needed a whippet. Now, why would I want one of those skinny, shaky, unfriendly dogs? Yes, that was my opinion of a whippet.

Enter Cinnamon.

I go to Cathy’s house and here comes this brindle whippet prancing up to me. She seems happy to see me. How cute is she?? She and I hit it off immediately. She ended up at my house for a day to see if I could tolerate a dog on my furniture again. Hadn’t had one on my furniture for many years and didn’t know if it would make me nutty or not. Obviously, it didn’t, as I have three whippets hanging out on my loveseat with me. We even bought furniture that we specifically geared toward dogs.

Enter Dot.

Cinnamon has a litter of puppies by Ampersand Locar Mariki Torque. We were shocked to see a rainbow of different colors!!! Black and whites, blue fawns, a fawn and a brindle. The one that I chose at birth was a solid white girl with black ears. She was mine at first sight. OK, so, the one free whippet gives me another “free” whippet.

So, here I am feeling I am done with anymore dogs for the next 4 or 5 years. I have this great master plan, my life is easy, Dot is now behaving like an adult yada yada yada. She moves beautiful, great temperament ect; and so on. Gonna be my personal dog to show and run. She has the attitude in the ring of “here I am, aren’t I beautiful, look at me!”

Enter McGuire.

McGuire is from Wilhaus Whippets. He is a super nice male whippet puppy. I swore no more dogs and surely no boys! Larry(my husband) really wanted a dog for himself and said he was tired of losing on the coursing field. He wanted to win for a change. He talked me into the little bugger. Now, I gotta say, this is one fancy puppy. He is laid back and confident. He, like Dot, thinks the world revolves around him. He will be a fun dog to show and should be easy to finish. He has that extra something.

So, these whippets that started out as free have taken over my life and my pocketbook. We are traveling around the southeast and showing. This takes gas and hotel bills. Oh, wait, that was too much trouble so lets just go for the motorhome to house the dogs while we show and run them. They have handmade custom collars. They have handmade embroidered coats. They eat dog food that I is “human grade” and by God costs more than food I buy for myself.

Yeah, the free dog thing sure isn’t free. Makes life fun though. So, I am not complaining. 🙂 I will highlight this first entry with some of my favorite photos of them.

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