Back from the Southern

I am going to do this a bit backward. I don’t have the photos yet from coursing in Chattanooga, so, when I get them from Uma Rapiti I will make a blog entry of it 🙂

On to the Southern whippet specialty. Dottie did WONDERFUL!!! She WON her 9-12 sweeps class on Saturday. I could not be more proud. She behaved like a seasoned show dog, she smiled the whole time and my only complaint is I could not get her to move. Poor girl was exhausted after being on the road so long.

Dot placed in every class she was in, except for the Saturday 9-12 puppy bitch. I am just thrilled with how well she did overall with *me* handling her. I am so new to this, and have so little clue what I am doing, just getting in there and giving it our best shot thrills me to no end!

Cinnamon stayed home with the family(though it made her less than happy) and McGuire went on the road with us. McGuire was a hit with everyone who met him. He behaved SO WELL for a baby stuck in a motorhome for 5 days!

Stay tuned for more entries on the Chattanooga show and coursing!

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