Chattanooga coursing (and showing)

I finally got around to ordering the photos from Uma Rapiti. So, I am finally getting this updated, though out of order with the Southern. Chattanooga was the weekend before the Southern. Dot won her 9-12 classes, though, she did so by default. What can ya do if there is no one there to compete against 🙂 McGuire won his puppy match Saturday night, and the judge really liked him. Pretty good for a 12 week old puppy!

Cinnamon did
awesome all THREE days of coursing! She won 2nd in the ASFA trial on Friday, earning herself 30 points toward her ASFA championship. She also won 3rd on Sunday, getting her 2pts toward her AKC field championship. She is such an honest courser. No matter what the other dogs do, she stays right on the lure.

Dot and McGuire both got to practice on the lure and both are very keen for it. Dot is faster and more powerful than her momma and I cannot wait for November, to get her certified/JC and start running her. McGuire is bred to the gills to course and if he takes after his Daddy, should be awesome. He knows what to do and definitely has prey drive!

Here are some photos from the trial. Thank you Lee for all your hard work capturing these!!!

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