Dot takes first place in Columbia, KY!

Dot’s first weekend out lure coursing was a great one! She won first in open whippets on Saturday! Not bad for a first timer! She is as keen on a lure as I have seen. She is very serious about getting the “bunny”!

I am proud of all three of my whippets. Cinnamon ran her heart out and was second on Saturday after her first run. I need to condition her more as it is hard for her to keep up the speed after each run. She tied for 3rd and had to run off with Vincent, who had wond the drag lure the day before. They tied AGAIN and had to run off another time. We were both ready to forfeit had they tied another time, but, Vincent won third. Cinny gave it her best though!

McGuire is a nut for the lure! I have never seen a puppy his age that keen on it! He will make his Daddy Bowie proud next year, of that I am sure. He has the genes to make an awesome courser, and that thrills my husband to death!

Anyhow, here are the photos Larry took of our dogs….

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