Late winter update

The craziness of raising a litter has become a recent memory. The puppies all have the most wonderful homes and most wonderful families.  I could not have asked for better people to be part of each puppy’s life!

They are all now 5 months old.  Which, is pretty amazing. They look like real whippets too!  Chroma is gearing up to start showing in March, in the puppy classes and then at the Whippet National in April! I am so excited! Dottie will be in the parade of honors and Chroma in the 6-9 class.  I am also looking VERY forward to seeing everyone and taking portraits in Lexington.

Here are some recent photos. If you want to keep up with the puppies in their new homes, as they grow, you are welcome to follow Lots of Dots on facebook.

Chroma's January Ad in Ewhippetzine

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