Chroma’s first show….

I am very honored to report that Chroma won Best in Sweeps at the Franklin show! It was definitely the highlight of the weekend! She is such a sensible and sweet puppy. She handled all 4 days beautifully. She was happy and playful outside the ring and calm and perfect inside the ring. Nothing really fazed or upset her no matter what I asked of her all weekend. Love my pretty puppy!’


Here is her Best In Sweeps win photo under Yvonne Sovereign. She said she moved like a dream (I think so too!)



Then some glamour shots I took of her that same day

After we got back from the show, Pac Man was here visiting, so, she got to be a regular mud puppy after

Sunnier play…

Even better, we got to go run at the Roseman’s with CoCo, Lucy, Tipper, Cinnamon and Muffin the Golden Retriever


The life of a show dog sure is a tough one 😉

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