CWA Racing….

AUG_3710Chroma got to make her debut on the straight track. The rest of the gang has been running CWA for a few years, Chroma finally got her turn! She learned to break out of the box, we found out that if she is boxed late, she is a real pain to get in ­čśÇ ┬áShe truly loved it! ┬áHelga and Iris(who is now named Godiva) got a chance to practice chasing the lure also! ┬áCherie in her new home has gotten to go to multiple lure coursing trials and has really enjoyed chasing the baggie. Gadget is growing up amazingly beautiful and having the time of his life in FL. Maverick is the king of the world in GA. Helga and Belle are still here, growing up and maturing beautifully(one may be available) Tanner, Heather and Gibby are in IL also growing up nicely(one male may be available) ┬áVery proud of Chroma mom, her quick return back to running (and a 4th in conformation!) and how beautiful the puppies are maturing



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