Puppy update

I thought I would put a post about what is going on. The puppies are now 8 months old and just beautiful. We are looking forward to the whippet national specialty late April.  The puppies in loving pet homes are just loving living life 🙂 These photos are of varying ages, but, at least 6 months old.

Tanner, Aperture Longlesson Go up the Plumcreek is AKC pointed in the show ring. He was WD at his very first show at 6m and was RWD to a 4pt major at his next show. He also was Best in Sweeps at the Franklin, TN show. Just like his mother was 3 years ago.  Very excited about Tanner!  Tanner is living with his sister Cherie in PA. He will be shown and get to chase the lure. You could not ask for a sweeter boy than Tanner!





AUG_5196 AUG_5191


GoDiva, Aperture Lady Godiva is growing up beautifully! Very excited to see her at the Whippet National!

1909126_819866548028945_251846357_o (1) 1798982_819866331362300_1946094727_o (2)

Gadget, Aperture Go Go Gadget, is living life large. He has mastered taking ONLY the toilet paper tube out and leaving all the toilet paper intact. I think that is pretty impressive. He also has the hang of napping. 🙂

gadget 8m

1601428_10202218769524455_786429992_n 1902975_10202294531458456_1899254852_n

Cheri, Aperture Tally Ho a Go Go, is gearing up to become an incredible lure courser. She has her older “Brother and Sister” to help her along. She also will be at the national with her family, as the two older ones are going to do not only the lure coursing, but the parade of rescues. Can’t wait to see her! Photo from Christmas.Cheri in the middle!

1460209_502509089846556_239129117_n (2)

And photos of her lure coursing: (Photos by Larry Hall at the GOGLCA trial)

10003425_771809239499004_1636923952_n 1972317_771809206165674_2126995476_n

Maverick, who I don’t think has a registered name is living up the life. I think he majors in just being adorable. He is pictured with his aunt and uncle Tia and Guinness. Tia and Guinness are from Dot’s litter and siblings of Chroma.

1492130_650084275034245_92381501_o 1496425_650084301700909_1298996868_o

Gibby is going to join Trey in Atlanta next weekend and live with a whippet brother and sister. He will have a wonderful life of leisure!

AUG_5492 AUG_5507 AUG_5484

Heather Feather, Aperture Plumcreek Always Go Forth, is hopefully going to be able to make it to the Whippet National. She  is living in the great white north called northern IL. She is turning out beautiful and can’t wait to see her! Pictured at 6m


Helga, Aperture Go Big or Go Home, is looking wonderful. Beautiful curves and arching neck. Picture of elegance. Can’t wait to get her in the ring when she is ready! Pictured at 6m(yes, I have no excuses on photos not being up to date!) Helga is staying here 🙂




And last but not least. Belle, Aperture Go Go Boots. Cutest puppy on earth. A face that could melt sugar. She is living with a wonderful family here in Knoxville who love her very much!

AUG_4612 AUG_4743