2014 American Whippet Club National

We had a wonderful showing at the National this year! Its the first time I have brought more than one dog 🙂  Please see our Facebook page for more photos and videos!

Chroma placed 2nd in a beautiful lure coursing bitch class. I am very proud of her and she did so well even with myself handling her!



Tanner was 2nd in his 8-10 futurity class and made the cut in the 9-12 class

10155635_704851752890830_6306453977851122133_n (1)


Godiva also came in 2nd in her 8-10 futurity class

1509321_704851436224195_7787694622088044847_n (1)

Heather Feather did not make the futurity, but, she did come in 4th in a VERY competitive 9-12 class



Helga went into her class, but, I pulled her out after the first go round due to being sore. She still looked beautiful!



Cherie didn’t show, but, she was there to greet anyone who would talk to her. She also really really remembered me 🙂  (This is Cherie and Tanner together) They are still cute even all googly eyed from the flash!