4.5m updates on the Mark X Chroma litter

As you can see, the puppies are all doing wonderfully in their new homes. All reports I have gotten is that they are perfect little angels and dearly loved. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for these sweet, water loving, lure chasing, pretty babies.

Hamish "Aperture Whistling Buster"
Hamish “Aperture Whistling Buster”
Rubin "Aperture Almost Fawn Flare"
Rubin “Aperture Almost Fawn Flare”
Minnie "Aperture Red, White and Boom!"
Minnie “Aperture Red, White and Boom!”
Alexa "Aperture Dragon Tears"
Alexa “Aperture Dragon Tears”
Flyer "Aperture Hoist the Flag at Isen"
Flyer “Aperture Hoist the Flag at Isen”
LuLu "Aperture Dancing Butterfly"
LuLu “Aperture Dancing Butterfly”
Minx "Aperture Phandemonium"
Minx “Aperture Phandemonium”
Link "Aperture Sparks Fly at Plumcreek"
Link “Aperture Sparks Fly at Plumcreek”